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Gospel Amnesia by Luma Simms (Foreword by Jon Bloom)



New Christians awaken to the gospel but often drift. Mature Christians easily forget the gospel, relying on knowledge or experience. When whole swaths of Christians get gospel amnesia, the results can be devastating. This makes waking up to the good news a profoundly practical and urgent affair.

In Gospel Amnesia, Luma Simms diagnoses the various ways we drift from the centrality of Christ in everyday life. She shows how assuming, forgetting, and marginalizing the gospel are symptoms of our condition and transparently guides us to the cure.

This book insists that, through the glorious grace of God, gospel amnesia can become the exception rather than the rule.



"The clarity with which Luma articulates the gospel of
grace is given force by the honesty with which she
brings it to bear on her own life, past and present. The
result is a refreshing book I enjoyed reading and am
happy to commend warmly to others.”

- Dane Ortlund, Senior Vice President, Crossway

"Luma Simms remembers vividly what it was like to be
simply going through the motions of a spiritual life. She
writes like someone who has just been awakened from a
nightmare and can still describe it in detail. Luma’s
voice communicates the pain of forgetting what matters
most, and may be just the voice to reach the half-awake."

- Fred Sanders, Associate Professor of Theology, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola


Reviews by Kim Shay & Aimee Byrd

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